All of the overseas activities of the spartans in

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Unformatted text preview: of the overseas activities of the Spartans in these ears include practicall no Spartans. The are just too short of troops to be risking them in overseas ventures. So, the use their Peloponnesian allies, the sometimes use mercenaries, and the also use some of these folks I told ou about the last time who were neither this nor that. The ones that the used on these campaigns are the ones that we are calling neodamode , people who had been helots, but who were liberated and permitted to fight for the Spartans, and the notion of sending neodamode overseas to fight was ver attractive to the Spartans, because it got them out of Laconia, for one thing, and provided them with soldiers as well. So, that kind of arm is the one that Thibron is now using to fight against the Persians, who just a few ears ago had been the allies of the Spartans for control of the Greek cities of Asia Minor. Now, meanwhile we have to turn our attention to the sea, and especiall to the island of C prus. It's a Persian possession, but on that island there are some cities that have a degree of autonom . One...
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