One of them has as its king a man called evagoras and

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Unformatted text preview: of them has as its king a man called Evagoras, and he is ver ambitious for himself and for the C priotes, and so he is eager to fight against the Spartans, presumabl on behalf of the great king, although his motives are not made clear b our sources. Reasonable guess is that he ma have hoped b achieving something great for the great king he might receive back thanks from the great king in whatever form ou can imagine. It might be allowing him to rule over C prus, it might mean to give him wealth, who knows, but also on the island of C prus where he had taken refuge was the Athenian Admiral Conon, who had been one of the admirals at the final defeat at Aegospotomi. He had escaped from that battle and had not gone home to Athens; he felt that the air there would not be health for somebod who lost the entire fleet at Aegospotomi and so he went to Evagoras, who it took good care of Conon and he was a great sailor. One of the ver most distinguished admirals in Greek histor , and he too now continued his feeling that Sparta was the enem . So,...
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