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So he joined evagoras in urging the great king to

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Unformatted text preview: he joined Evagoras in urging the great king to build a nav , which would then defeat the Spartan nav , which would b itself rid Asia of the menace of Sparta and be a great thing for the Persians. Conon, I suspect, had some other hopes out of this activit , which in fact will come to fruition and I'll tell ou about them in due course. Well, the Spartans have their fleet out there and the king agrees and he starts building a fleet of his own, which will ultimatel be a ver large one indeed--some 300 ships, and the king puts Conon in charge of that fleet, which is smart in a wa because Conon is a great admiral. Ma be not so smart if ou look at what Conon is reall up to. C:/Users/JIMMIN~1/AppData/Local/Temp/Rar$EX06.349/ /transcript22.html 2/13 2/7/12 transcript22.html In he face of he e ac i i ie , he Spa an decided o ai e he an e and he en an e pedi ion in o A ia Mino . Thib on had no done e ell and af e abo a ea he Spa an eplaced him i h ano he gene al b he name of De c llida , ho doe be e , b he e' no deci i e ic o o he e. The a i...
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