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ECON 251: Financial Theory Class Sessions Click session titles below to access audio, video, and course materials. 1. Why Finance? 2. Utilities, Endowments, and Equilibrium 3. Computing Equilibrium 4. Efficiency, Assets, and Time 5. Present Value Prices and the Real Rate of Interest 6. Irving Fisher's Impatience Theory of Interest 7. Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, Collateral. Present Value and the Vocabulary of Finance 8. How a Long-Lived Institution Figures an Annual Budget. Yield 9. Yield Curve Arbitrage 10. Dynamic Present Value 11. Social Security 12. Overlapping Generations Models of the Economy 13. Demography and Asset Pricing: Will the Stock Market Decline when the Baby Boomers Retire? 14. Quantifying Uncertainty and Risk 15. Uncertainty and the Rational Expectations Hypothesis, with Applications to Predicting Stock Prices.
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