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Lecture 4 - Poetry and Virginity << previous session | next session >> Overview: Milton's first publication, A Mask Presented at Ludlow Castle , is examined. Milton's vision of a poet's heaven in Ad Patrem , paired with the letter to Charles Diodati, with its particular emphasis on the need for chastity in poets, is used as a springboard to a discussion of the depiction of sexual ideals in the masque. Revelation 14, 1 Corinthians, and the Apology for Smectymnuus are also discussed at length, as are the poet's biography and the history of the masque's title. Reading assignment: John Milton. Complete Poems and Major Prose. (Hughes): Comus ( A Mask Presented at Ludlow Castle ) (1634-37), pp. 86-114 L'Allegro and Il Penseroso
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