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Lecture 12 - The Blind Prophet << previous session | next session >> Overview: This lecture focuses on the invocation to light at the beginning of Book Three of Paradise Lost . Milton's factual and figurative understanding of his blindness is traced through his letters, Sonnet XXII, and the later epic Samson Agonistes . Particular emphasis is placed on the transformation of blindness in the corpus from a spiritual punishment to a poetic gift. The implications of biographical interpretations of literature are also touched upon. Reading assignment: John Milton. Complete Poems and Major Prose. (Hughes): Paradise Lost , Book III (esp. lines 1-55) Re-read Sonnet XIX: "When I consider" (1652), p. 168 Psalm vi (Milton's trans. of 1653), p. 165 The Second Defense of the English People (1654), pp. 817-28 Sonnet XXII: "To Mr Cyriack Skinner upon his Blindness" (1655), p. 170 Sonnet XXIII: "Methought I saw" (1658), p. 170
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