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ENGL 220 Milton Professor John Rogers Paradise Lost (1667) Since first this Subject for Heroic Song Pleas'd me long choosing, and beginning late. -- Paradise Lost 9.25-26 See how from far upon the Eastern road The star-led Wizards haste with odors sweet: O run, prevent them with thy humble ode, And lay it lowly at his blessed feet; Have thou the honor first, thy Lord to greet. --Milton, “On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity” (1629) His work is not the greatest of heroick poems, only because it is not the first. --Dr. Johnson, Life of Milton Nor did God merely breathe that spirit into man, but moulded it in each individual, and infused it throughout, enduing and embellishing it with its proper faculties. --Milton, De doctrina Christiana ( On Christian Doctrine ), chapter 7 Is this the Seat our Conqueror has given? And this the Climate we must change for Heaven? These Regeions and this Realm my Wars have got; This mournful Empire is the Loser's Lot.
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Unformatted text preview: --John Dryden, State of Innocence and Fall of Man: An Opera ( cf. Paradise Lost 1.242-45) For Spirits when they please Can either Sex assume, or both; so soft And uncompounded is thir Essence pure, Not ti'd or manacl'd with joint or limb, Nor founded on the brittle strength of bones, Like cumbrous flesh; but in what shape they choose Dilated or condens’t, bright or obscure, Can execute thir aery purposes, And works of love or enmity fulfil. ( PL 1.423-31) Whatever pure thou in the body enjoy'st (And pure thou were created) we enjoy In eminence, and obstacle find none Of membrane, joint, or limb, exclusive bars: Easier than air with air, if Spirits embrace, Total they mix, union of pure with pure Desiring. ( PL 8.622-28) Adam Unparadis’d incubabat--brooded monism, vitalism--see ch. 7 of The Christian Doctrine iambic pentameter end-stopped verse, enjambment...
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