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A monocentric model of urban special structure was developed collectively by Alonso in 1964, Mills in 1967 and Muth 1969. This was a natural evolution model. LeRoy and Sonstelie further analyzed this model in 1983 by taking transportation methods into consideration. The people who were wealthier and could afford the faster means of transportation (which were cars) were the first to move to suburban areas. Commuting time was also found to be a factor through this model. In 1951, Colin Clark analyzed the density gradient. The slope of the log density function is the measure of the degree of decentralization of MSAs. Mills, Tran, and Edmonston analyzed this model further. Mills assumed that population density followed the exponential form and that the population density is zero at the boundary of an urban area which was later dropped. The perfect fit for the function to find the population density at the central business district was found.
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