assem_prog_techs - ;* ; ECE 362 - Experiment 2 - Fall 2008...

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;*********************************************************************** ; ECE 362 - Experiment 2 - Fall 2008 ;*********************************************************************** ; ; Completed by: < Abhisheyk Gaur > ; < 5858-G > ; < > ; ; ; Academic Honesty Statement: In signing this statement, I hereby certify ; that I am the individual who created this HC12 source file and that I have ; not copied the work of any other student (past or present) while completing it. ; I understand that if I fail to honor this agreement, I will receive a grade of ; ZERO and be subject to possible disciplinary action. ; ; ; Signature: ________________________________________________ Date: ____________ ; ; NOTE: The printed hard copy of this file you submit for evaluation must be signed ; in order to receive credit. ; ;******************************************************************************* ; Step 4-A: ; ; Write a program that loads two 16-bit numbers from the memory location ; "ops", divides the first number by the second, then stores the quotient ; in the memory location "quot" and the remainder in memory location ; "remain". Note that the space for the operands and results has ; already been allocated for you below. Each has a label associated with ; the memory location. You can use the labels "ops", "quot", and "remain" ; when writing your code, and the assembler will convert it to the ; appropriate memory address. ; ; Note that the instructions for the next step begin at memory location
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This note was uploaded on 02/03/2012 for the course ECE 362 taught by Professor Staff during the Fall '08 term at Purdue.

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assem_prog_techs - ;* ; ECE 362 - Experiment 2 - Fall 2008...

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