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A Proclamation Without Emancipation

A Proclamation Without Emancipation - A Proclamation...

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A Proclamation Without Emancipation a. What Did the Emancipation Proclamation Do? i. Declared free the salves in those Confederate States still in rebellion. The border States weren’t affected (it was cause them to succeed) ii. 800,000 slaves were freed iii. Many have criticized it as Lincoln freeing the slaves: 1. Where he could he would not 2. Where he would he could not iv. Thousands of slaves went into the Northern army (1/7 Southern slaves runaway to Union camps). This helped convince Northerners of slavery’s evils v. The Proclamation strengthened morale by making the war a moral cause vi. The Proclamation did away with any chance of a negotiated settlement. It would be a fight to the finish b. Public Reaction to the Emancipation Proclamation i. Antislavery people liked it, but some thought it didn’t go far enough ii. Border States and regions of the Old Northwest felt it went too far 1. Army desertions from these areas increased iii. European workers sympathized with the slaves and liked the Proclamation 1. They sensed that it spelled the ultimate doom of slavery 2. The diplomatic position of the Union improved 3. The moral position of the South was diminished VI. Blacks Battle Bondage a. Enlisting Blacks i. Had served in the Revolution and War of 1812 ii. At the outset of the Civil War, the regular army contained no blacks. Only the Union navy allowed blacks to enroll (worked as cooks, firemen, etc.) iii. As manpower ran low and emancipation was proclaimed, back enlistees were accepted iv. 180,000 blacks served in the Union army, most of
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