America Turns Outward

America Turns Outward - America Turns Outward a America Is...

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America Turns Outward a. America Is Isolationist i. The U.S. remained isolationist until the 1900s because: 1. Of Civil War reconstruction 2. Building an industrial economy 3. Making their cities habitable 4. Settling the West ii. Now U.S. foreign policy changed dramatically because: 1. Agricultural and industrial production boomed, so they looked for markets overseas 2. Some believed that the U.S. had to expand or explode 3. The country was powerful, populated, wealthy, and productive 4. “Yellow press” of Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst described foreign exploits as manly adventures 5. Missionaries were inspired to look overseas for new souls to convert a. Josiah Strong wrote Our Country: Its Possible Future and Its Present Crisis , which encouraged superior Anglo- Saxons to spread religion and values to the “backward” people 6. Darwinism – Some thought that it meant the earth belonged to the strong and fit (the U.S.). Teddy Roosevelt would be one of these people 7. Competition between Japan, Germany, and Russia for colonies would leave America behind if they didn’t compete as well b. Latin America i. James G. Blaine (Secretary of State) pushed a “big sister” policy toward Latin America ii. It’s intention was to rally those nations behind the U.S. and open their markets to U.S. traders iii. This led to the first Pan-American Conference, the beginning of a series of important meetings between Latin American and the U.S. c. Near Wars i. 1889 – America and Germany – Over the Samoan Islands in the South Pacific; were formally divided between the two nations in 1899 ii. 1891 – America and Italy – Lynching of 11 Italians in New Orleans; America paid compensation for them iii. 1892 – America and Chile – Death of 2 American sailors; Chile agreed to make a payment to America for what had happened
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iv. 1893 – America and Canada – Over seal hunting
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America Turns Outward - America Turns Outward a America Is...

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