Appeal of the Press

Appeal of the Press - Appeal of the Press a. Libraries i....

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Appeal of the Press a. Libraries i. More were being built for access to all classes ii. 1897 - Library of Congress – largest library in the world – 28 million books; 26 million records available online iii. Carnegie contributed $60 million for public libraries iv. 1900 – 9,000 libraries b. i. Linotype – sped up typesetting by making possible the automatic casting of type in lines ii. Sensationalism – Semiliterate immigrants and urban commuters created a market for news that was simply written and about sex, scandal, and human interest stories. It also boosted circulation iii. Yellow Journalism – 1. Joseph Pulitzer was a leader in sensationalism in New York World . His use of the colored comic supplements, featuring the “Yellow Kid,” gave the name yellow journalism to his stories (Pulitzer prizes are awarded to 21 people for outstanding achievement in drama, letters, music, and journalism each year) 2. William Randolph Hearst was a competitor who also used yellow journalism. He built up a powerful chain of newspapers from his father’s fortune in mines. He began with the San Francisco Examiner in 1887 iv. Pulitzer and Hearst both “stooped, snooped, and scooped to conquer” and sell more papers v. Their news was offset by syndicated material and the gathering of news (Associated Press – 1840s) vi. Their “Yellow Journalism” writing helped lead the United States into the Spanish-American War XIII. Journalist-Reformers a. Magazines i. Harper’s, Atlantic Monthly, and Scribner’s Monthly were all popular ii. Nation 1. Created in 1865 2. Created by Edwin L. Godkin 3. Read mostly by professors, preachers, and publicists
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Appeal of the Press - Appeal of the Press a. Libraries i....

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