APUSH Unit 3 Pacing Guide II M Lynde

APUSH Unit 3 Pacing Guide II M Lynde - Kennedy chp 11 pp...

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ASSIGNMENT SHEET - AP U.S. HISTORY Unit 3 – EARLY NATION THROUGH ERA OF GOOD FEELINGS Chp 10-12 Organizing Principal - 1. Between 1789 and 1820, conflict over the increasing power of the nat’l gov’t created intensified, sectional tension. 2. Between 1789 and 1823, geographic isolation allowed the United States to pursue a policy of selective involvement in world affairs. Topics: federalism, 1 st American party system, Hamilton’s economic plan, neutrality and foreign policy, Jeffersonian Democracy, Supreme court cases, territorial expansion, freedom of the seas, War of 1812, convention system, national market economy, industrial revolution, transportation revolution, agricultural revolution, nationalism, sectionalism Date Class Topic Assignment Due 10-3 The First American Party System/Jefferson & Hamilton Kennedy chp. 10 pp190-210 Washington/Adams Foreign Policy reading questions # 1- 4 Q: What is the Compact Theory? 10-5 What is Freedom? 10 –8 Revolution of 1800
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Unformatted text preview: Kennedy chp 11 pp. 211-232 Jefferson Democracy/Expansion Dilemma reading questions # 5-10 Jefferson Foreign Policy and Embargo Q: Can you use the Marshall ruling in Marbury to justify the statement, “that History does effect the present?” Take Home Test on chp 11 – Due Wednesday 0ct. 10 Essay on Jefferson 10-10 War of 1812 and post war foreign policy Kennedy chp 12 pp. 233-255 DBQ The War of 1812 Harford Convention & Missouri Compromise reading questions # 11-19 Monroe Doctrine Q: How does the newfound nationalism in the U.S. lead to the final demise of the Federalist Party? 10.12 Do a Brain Drain Presidential Charts due List as many developments as you can in American history since 1789 when the Constitution was adopted. Sort them according to political, economic, social, and diplomatic developments 10 -15 ESSAY TEST CHP 10-12 writing rubric analysis review 10.17 PSAT 10-19 MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST CHP 10-12 Reading for next unit Peer review of essay...
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APUSH Unit 3 Pacing Guide II M Lynde - Kennedy chp 11 pp...

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