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Unformatted text preview: Governing a New Nation After the Declaration of Independence, the colonists realized they needed some kind of government system. Individual states began writing their own state constitutions; a constitution is a document stating the rules of how a government will operate New state constitutions limited the power of the state governors; more power to legislature State Constitutions Many colonies included a "bill of rights" in their constitution These rights included Freedom of religion, Freedom of the press, right to trial by jury etc. More people were allowed to vote under the new state constitutions; still had to be white and own property Articles of Confederation The Continental Congress drafted the Articles of Confederation in 1777, designed to limit the powers of the federal government Only one branch of government, a one house legislature, each state only had one vote and were equal; 9 states had to agree before a law could go into effect Articles of Confederation Congress created by the Articles, could not collect taxes or regulate trade; had to ask states for money Did not have power to enforce laws, states had to do it for them Powers it did have: Make laws Declare War Make money Run a post office ...
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