Beginning of Populism

Beginning of Populism - Beginning of Populism a. Farmers'...

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Beginning of Populism a. Farmers’ Alliance i. Founded in Texas in the late 1870s ii. They came together to strangle the grip of the railroads and manufacturers through cooperative buying and selling iii. Local chapters spread and eventually attracted more than a million members iv. However, it weakened itself by: 1. Ignoring the landless tenant farmers, sharecroppers, and farmworkers 2. Excluding blacks, who counted for ½ the agricultural population in the South v. Colored Farmers’ National Alliance 1. Formed in the 1880s 2. Attracted black farmers 3. 1890 – More than 250,000 members 4. Long history of racial division in the South, however, made it difficult for white and black farmers to work together in the same organization b. People’s Party or Populist Party i. Created in the 1890s ii. Were farmers who attacked Wall Street and trusts iii. Called for: 1. Nationalizing railroads, telephone, and telegraph 2. Creating a graduated income tax (one that would increase the more money you make) 3. Provide farmers with loans for crops stored in government-owned warehouses, where they could be held until market prices rose 4. Free and unlimited coinage of silver to inflate money c. William Hope Harvey i. Wrote a popular pamphlet called Coin’s Financial School (1894) ii. It had a picture that showed a gold ogre beheading a beautiful silver maiden
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Beginning of Populism - Beginning of Populism a. Farmers'...

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