Building the Panama Canal

Building the Panama Canal - Building the Panama Canal a....

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Building the Panama Canal a. Increasing the Strength of the Navy i. After the Spanish-American War, people were reinvigorated to have a canal built ii. Battleship Oregon took weeks to go from the Pacific around South America to get to the navy fleet in Cuban waters iii. A canal would: 1. Increase the strength of the navy by increasing its mobility 2. Make it easier to all the recent island areas recently acquired b. Rights To Build the Canal i. Clayton-Bulwer Treaty of 1850: 1. Not to seek exclusive control of the canal or territory on either side of such a canal 2. Not to fortify any position in the canal area 3. Not to establish colonies in Central America ii. Bogged down in the Boer War, Britain consented to the Hay-Pauncefote Treaty of 1901: 1. The U.S. was authorized to construct and manage a Central American canal 2. The U.S. was to guarantee the neutrality of the canal and was authorized to fortify the area, if necessary 3. The canal was to be open to all nations; rates were to be fair and equal. c. Where Should the Canal Be Dug? i. Many favored across Nicaragua, but agents of the old French Canal Company were eager to salvage something from their costly failure at Panama ii. Philippe Bunau-Varilla managed the New Panama Canal Company. He dropped his price from $109 million to $40 million iii. In 1902, Congress decided on the Panama route d. Colombia’s Involvement i. Panama a part of Columbia and wanted their independence from them ii. Columbia rejected an offer of $10 million and an annual payment of $250,000 for a 6-mile wide zone across Panama
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Building the Panama Canal - Building the Panama Canal a....

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