Bull Run Ends the

Bull Run Ends the - Bull Run Ends the "Ninety-Day War" a....

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Bull Run Ends the “Ninety-Day War” a. Bull Run (Manassas Junction) – July 1861 i. Lincoln decided to try his unready troops against a small Confederate force here ii. If successful, it would: 1. Demonstrate Union power 2. Could lead to the fall of Richmond, the Confederate capital (it was only 100 miles to the south) iii. Congressmen and spectators brought lunchbaskets with them to witness the “fun” iv. The Union did well at first, but Stonewall Jackson’s troops stood like a stone wall. However, the Union ended up defeated b. Results of Bull Run i. Victory made the South even more overconfident ii. Some Southern soldiers deserted feeling that the war was now over iii. Southern enlistments dropped II. George McClellan and the Peninsula Campaign a. George B. McClellan i. Was a West Point graduate ii. Had fought in the Mexican War and observed the Crimean War iii. Given command of the Army of the Potomac (major Union army near Washington) iv. He believed in the following: 1. Hated to sacrifice troops 2. Instilled lots of morale 3. Consistently (and erroneously) believed the enemy outnumbered him a. Pinkerton’s Detective Agency – Intelligence reports were unreliable b. Was overcautious 4. Addressed the president in an arrogant tone b. Attacking Richmond (1862) i. McClellan continued to drill his army without moving it toward Richmond ii. Eventually, Lincoln ordered his army to advance iii. Spring 1861 – McClellan decided to take a water approach to Richmond (lies on the base of a peninsula formed by the
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Bull Run Ends the - Bull Run Ends the "Ninety-Day War" a....

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