Clinton - "Clinton's Big Ditch" in New York a....

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“Clinton’s Big Ditch” in New York a. Erie Canal i. Canals had been built in colonial days, but in the early 1800s canal building took off ii. The Erie Canal linked the Great Lakes with the Hudson River iii. Governor DeWitt Clinton supported the project iv. Constructed from 1817-1825, it went 363 miles b. Results of Canal Building i. Freight could now be taken much faster and easier over water than land ii. The cost of shipping a ton of grain from Buffalo to NYC went from $100 to $5, and the time of shipping went from 20 to 6 days iii. The value of land along the route skyrocketed iv. Industry in the State boomed v. Made farming in the Old Northwest (Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois) more profitable and grew farmers vi. Villages like Cleveland, Detroit, and Chicago became huge cities vii. The price of potatoes in New York City were cut in half, and the rest of the New England farmers couldn’t stand the competition and went elsewhere or shifted to fruit or dairy farming XV. The Iron Horse a. Ability of Railroads i. Didn’t freeze over ii. Could go through mountains b. i. Faced opposition from canal investors. The New York legislature prohibited railroads from carrying freight ii. Dangerous – 1. Railway accidents were frequent 2. Sparks could set fire to nearby haystacks iii. Train Problems – 1. Trains’ brakes were so weak that they could miss the station and miss it backing up
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Clinton - "Clinton's Big Ditch" in New York a....

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