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ConflictwithMexico - After Mexico had won it's independence...

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Unformatted text preview: After Mexico had won it's independence from Spain in 1821, Mexico allowed American settlers to come into the Texas area Settlers had to become Catholic and agree to be Mexican citizens The settlers who came to Texas were generally not the well to do of American society...criminals and slaveholders were some of the types that came. Slavery was also a point of contention, b/c it was abolished by Mexican law Conflict with Mexico Declaring Independence Many American settlers were fed up with the Mexican governments interference so in 1836, they declared independence from Mexico General Santa Anna marched his troops into Texas land and destroyed the rebels at the Battle of the Alamo became a rallying cry in the fight for Texan independence Two months later, Texan forces led by Sam Houston defeated Santa Anna at he battle of San Jacinto. They forced him to sign a treaty recognizing Texan independence. Should Texas be added?? There was great debate over whether or not to annex or add on Texas as a new state Some wanted to continue the U.S push west and Manifest Destiny; others (Northerners) were worried that it would tip the balance of slave states vs. free states (Congress would be unequal) In 1845, 10 years after declaring independence, Texas was added as a slave state, Oregon as a free state (Made balance slave vs. free equal) Mexico never really recognized Texas independence and argued about what the southern boundary was. Americans said Rio Grande river; Mexicans said the Nueces River. Hoping to provoke a battle, President Polk sent U.S troops into the disputed land and got the Mexicans to attack the U.S troops. So why do we have War? Debate over War Pro War Victory would help achieve Manifest Destiny Opens up new land for farming Mexico was the first to attack "American blood spilled on American soil" (Polk) Against the War Prez Polk and southerners are trying to extend slavery War was provoked by Polk and sending in troops to disputed are south of Nueces River Shouldn't use taxpayer money for unnecessary war Results of War Led by generals Zachary Taylor and Winfield Scott, the U.S was able to win the war, marching straight into Mexico City (Mexico's capital) In 1848 the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, giving the U.S not only Texas but the Mexican Cession as well. This included the states of California, Nevada, Utah and parts of Arizona and New Mexico. Manifest Destiny was finally complete. ...
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