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Unformatted text preview: Constitutional Convention Part II Besides the issue of state representation in the national government and how slaves should be counted, there was one more major issue decided at the Constitutional Convention. The big question was: Who should make up the Executive Branch and how should it be chosen ??? Executive Branch Early in the Convention it was proposed for a "single person" executive It was thought by some, that one person could make decisive and timely decisions Problems arose when some thought this system too closely resembled a monarchy Edmund Randolph proposed a three member executive, supported by Benjamin Franklin Executive Branch Eventually the delegates decided upon a single person executive To prevent "a king" they limited the president to 4 year terms and VP would replace if President died But how would this single person executive be chosen???? How to Choose Executive?? Some delegates wanted Congress to elect the president Others wanted the people to directly elect the president After 60 votes on this issue, the framers of the Constitution reached a compromise. Electoral College The Electoral College is a special body that chooses the president every four years Each state has as many electors as the number of senators and representatives it sends to Congress. Originally state legislatures chose the electors, but today the people choose their state's electors Now, the candidate who receives the most votes in a state, gets all of that state's electoral votes. ...
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