Defeat and Doom for the Whigs

Defeat and Doom for the Whigs - Defeat and Doom for the...

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a. Democratic Convention i. Nominated Franklin Pierce (NH lawyer- politician) ii. Was a weak and indecisive figure iii. Served without distinction in the Mexican War iv. Was a prosouthern northerner (was acceptable to the slavery wing of the Democratic party) v. Platform: 1. Territorial expansion (like Polk) 2. Compromise of 1850 3. Fugitive Slave Law b. Whigs Convention i. With the great Compromise of 1850 passed by President Fillmore and Senator Webster, either of those two would’ve been the obvious nomination ii. Since they’ve only won in the past with military heroes, they chose Winfield Scott. His personality turned off the masses because they thought he was boastful or arrogant (haughtiness) c. Whigs Are Split i. Antislavery Whigs didn’t like Scott’s platform, which endorsed the Fugitive Slave Law ii. Southern Whigs doubted Scott’s loyalty to the Compromise of 1850 and the Fugitive Slave Law d. Election of 1852 Results i. Free Soil Party candidate John Hale took northern Whig votes that might have gone to Scott. He got 5% of the popular vote ii. Pierce – 254-42; 1.6 million to 1.4 million e. Significance of the Election of 1852 i. Marked the end of the disorganized Whig party. Both Clay and Webster died during the 1852 campaign ii. This ended the national parties and gave rise to the sectional parties f. Significance of the Whigs i. Held the Union together X. Expansionist Stirrings South of the Border a. Panama Canal Area i. Win in Mexican War and gold in CA reinvigorated manifest destiny ii. Many knew the Panama area to be a crucial link from Atlantic to Pacific. Whoever was in control of it would have sway over many nations (even the U.S.)
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Defeat and Doom for the Whigs - Defeat and Doom for the...

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