Dethroning the Cotton South

Dethroning the Cotton South - Dethroning the Cotton South a...

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Dethroning the Cotton South a. Dependence On Foreign Help i. The South depended on getting foreign countries to help them win ii. Most of Europe’s ruling classes were openly sympathetic to the Confederate cause 1. They hated the American democracy 2. They like the South’s semifeudal, aristocratic social order iii. The working people of European countries were for the North 1. They felt the war might get rid of slavery if the North won 2. These people couldn’t vote, but the aristocracy didn’t want to anger them b. Foreign Trade With the South i. British textile mills depended on the South for 75% of their cotton supplies ii. Between 1857-1860, British warehouses were stocked up with surpluses. The real pinch didn’t come until a 1 ½ later, when thousands of workers were unemployed iii. By this time, Lincoln had announced his slave- emancipation policy. The “wage slaves” of Britain were not going to demand a war to defend the slaveowners of the South c. Relief From the Cotton Famine In Britain i. Hunger among unemployed workers was partially eased when certain kind-hearted Americans sent over several cargoes of foodstuffs ii. As Union armies penetrated the South, they captured or bought supplies of cotton and shipped them to Britain iii. The Confederates shipped a limited quantity through the blockade iv. Cotton growers in Egypt and India increased their output v. Booming war industries in England, which supplied both the North and South, relieved unemployment
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Dethroning the Cotton South - Dethroning the Cotton South a...

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