Dred Scott - Dred Scott a Background Case Information i...

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Dred Scott a. Background Case Information i. March 1857 – The Supreme Court made the decision on this case ii. It was about a slave who had lived with his master for 5 years in IL and Wisconsin Territory. Backed by abolitionists, he sued for freedom on the basis of his long residence on free soil iii. The Supreme Court ruled: 1. That Dred Scott was a black slave and not a citizen, and couldn’t sue in federal courts 2. That as a slave he was private property, so he could be taken into any territory and legally be held there in slavery. The reasoning was that the 5 th Amendment clearly forbade Congress to deprive people of their property without due process of law 3. The Compromise of 1820 had been unconstitutional. Congress didn’t have the power to ban slavery b. Make-Up of the Supreme Court i. Chief Justice Taney was from MD (a slave- holding State) ii. There was a prosouthern majority on the Supreme Court c. Reactions i. North – It drove another wedge between them and the South. They refused to honor the Supreme Court’s decision. They believed that it was merely an opinion ii. South – Delighted with the decision, but appalled that the North was not enforcing it. How could they stay in a Union that didn’t uphold federal decisions? VIII. The Financial Crash of 1857 a. What Caused the Crash? i.
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Dred Scott - Dred Scott a Background Case Information i...

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