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EarlyColonistsinAmerica - Early Colonists in America Where...

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Unformatted text preview: Early Colonists in America Where Did they Come From? Most settlers came from England and most North American colonies were English Spain had colonies in Florida and the French had parts of Canada as well. Even though most settlers were English, it was not uncommon to find immigrants from Germany, Ireland, Scandinavia and other parts of Europe Why Did They Come? While they came for a variety of reasons, they all sought one common goal: to improve their lives. Many sought economic prosperity and a chance to be landowners Others sought religious freedom Many who came were either middle class or indentured servants How Fast Did They Arrive? Population figures during the colonial years: 1625 = 2,000 colonists in VA and MA combined 1700 = 250,000 1750 = 1 million 1775 = 2.5 million The Cruel Rough Voyage Traveling at sea in the 17th and 18th century was not very comfortable You packed your entire life into a couple suitcases and boarded a ship for several months with 100 total strangers Food Spoiled, Water went foul, disease spread and storms threatened If you survived all that, you arrive on a distant shore, starting from scratch. What awaited them? Abundance of Land!! First opportunity for many Natural resources, plants, animals (Food Supplies) Harsh climates Freedom???? ...
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