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EarlyRoadtoRevolution - Road to Revolution Part I In 1763...

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Unformatted text preview: Road to Revolution Part I In 1763, King George III felt that the colonies were like any other British possession and owed the crown taxes. He issued the Proclamation of 1763 in which he stated that colonists could not settle in land west of the Appalachian Mountains. This angered colonists and made them very bitter towards the King. Thought it was tyranny. Proclamation of 1763 * No colonist was allowed west or left of that line. What are Taxes Good For? Because of the massive war debt left by the French and Indian War, King George III had to figure out a way to pay off the debt Americans had been the most lightly taxed people in the British empire, so George felt it was time for them to pay their share. Unfair Taxes? The Stamp Act was proposed in 1765 The Stamp Act required colonists to buy a stamp for every piece of paper they used This ranged from letters, newspapers, licenses, wills and even playing cards. Some colonists (Patriots) protested and some even attacked tax collector's homes. After several months, British Parliament repealed the Stamp Act. Quartering Act Also passed in 1765, the Quartering Act stated that Colonial assemblies and citizens were responsible for housing British Troops (Shelter, Bed, Food, etc) This cost a great amount of money and colonists didn't feel the soldiers really did anything for them. Why were colonists really mad? * While colonists hated the idea of higher taxes, they were really upset with the idea of "taxation without representation" * Colonists were willing to pay taxes passed by their own assemblies, where their representatives could vote on them * But, the colonists had no representatives in England's Parliament, thus Parliament had no right to tax them. What would you do? Within your notes, answer the following Question in the next 5 minutes: What would you do if you were being treated unfairly by a government, especially in regards to taxes? Think back to how you felt by the photocopy tax. ...
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