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Unformatted text preview: End of Revolution The Declaration of Independence written after the start of the war, changed colonists attitudes; they were now fighting for a new nation. In the winter of 1776, thanks to Washington's strategy, the colonists were able to defeat the British at both the Battle of Trenton and Battle of Princeton. These victories boosted colonists spirits. Battle of Saratoga In summer of 1777, the British planned to gain control of the Hudson River in Albany, NY. Hoped to cut off supplies and soldiers. Not all units of the British army made it to Albany and part of the army was defeated by the Continental Army at Saratoga. This battle convinced France that the colonists could win. Declared a alliance. Why was Saratoga Important? Victory at Yorktown Many other small battles occurred until the fall of 1781. The British army had retreated to Yorktown, Virginia. Washington trapped the British there and forced them to surrender. The French helped to trap the British by sea. This was the final battle and convinced English Parliament to give up. Results of Revolution In 1782, the Treaty of Paris was signed. The treaty, 1) ended the war 2) recognized American Independence 3) also set the new nation's boundaries The American revolution inspired revolutions in other nations, especially France. A new nation was formed. Now what? ...
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