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Federalist and Republican Mudslingers

Federalist and Republican Mudslingers - Federalist and...

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Federalist and Republican Mudslingers a. Federalists – i. Aroused many enemies from their Alien and Sedition Acts ii. The Hamiltonian wing of the Federalist party was upset they didn’t go to war with France (created Navy for nothing). The war preparations had swelled the public debt and required new taxes (which were unpopular) iii. Hamilton attacked Adams in a privately publishing pamphlet, which the Jeffersonians got a hold of and published b. Jeffersonians – i. Jefferson was accused of robbed a widow and fathered children through one of his slaves ii. As a liberal in religion, Jefferson had earlier incurred the wrath of the orthodox clergy because of his successful struggle to separate church and state in Virginia (thought it was atheistic) II. The Jeffersonian “Revolution of 1800” a. Jefferson Wins i. Adams won more electoral votes than before, but failed to get NY (he was nearly 250 votes short) ii. Jefferson got most of the western and southern States, where universal male, white suffrage took place iii. By counting 3/5 of the slave population in Electoral College representation, the 3/5 Compromise helped give white southern voters a bonus that helped Jefferson win the election b. Jefferson Tied With Burr i. Under the Constitution, the person with the second most electoral votes becomes the vice-president. If there isn’t a majority of electoral votes or if there is a tie, then the vote goes to the House ii. Jefferson and Burr (his vp running mate), the only two candidates from the same party, received the same amount of votes iii. Jefferson had so many enemy Federalists, that there was a deadlock in Congress until a few gave up and did not vote iv. The transition of power went smoothly and was accepted by all v. Jefferson believed his mission was to: 1. Restore the republican experiment 2. Check the growth of government power 3. Halt the decay of virtue c. End of the Federalists i. John Adams was the last person from the Federalists to become president
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ii. His party slowly disappeared in the days of Andrew Jackson III. Responsibility Breeds Moderation a. Jefferson’s Characteristics and Personality i. 6’2” ii. Weak voice iii.
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