Garfield and Arthur

Garfield and Arthur - Garfield and Arthur a. Republican...

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Garfield and Arthur a. Republican Nomination for 1880 i. Hayes was denounced by the Republican party ii. James A. Garfield replaced him iii. His vice-presidential candidate was Stalwart Chester A. Arthur iv. Garfield won over Winfield Scott Hancock 214- 155; only 39,213 more in the popular vote b. James Garfield’s Assassination i. Charles Guiteau didn’t get a government job from Garfield. Disappointed and mentally deranged, he shot Garfield in the back at a railroad station in Washington, D.C. Guiteau claimed he was a Stalwart and wanted Arthur, who was also one, in office (assuming that now people like Arthur would gain political appointment and spoils) ii. His attorneys claimed that he was not guilty because of his incapacity to distinguish right from wrong – an early instance of the “insanity defense” iii. He was found guilty and hanged iv. The importance of his assassination was that it shocked people into reforming the spoils system c. Reforming the Spoils System i. Arthur prosecuted several fraud cases and gave his former Stalwart pals the cold shoulder ii. Also worked to outlaw polygamy in Utah and to strengthen the Navy iii. Pendleton Act of 1883 – 1. Made mandatory campaign contributions from all federal employees (no matter what their party) illegal 2. Established the Civil Service Commission to make appointments to federal jobs on the basis of competitive examinations 3. Only covered 10% of federal jobs at first, but it eventually expanded 4. Today, 50% fall under this act iv. The Pendleton Act turned politicians away from patronage, but now they began to team up with big-business leaders
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Garfield and Arthur - Garfield and Arthur a. Republican...

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