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GO Causes of Amer. Revolution

GO Causes of Amer. Revolution - Indian War Writs of...

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APUSH Name_________________________________ Date_____________________ Bell____ Concept of the rights of English subjects Colonists believe their rights, such as those in the English Bill of Rights, were being denied by Parliament The Boston Tea party The Townshend Acts The Proclamation Of 1763 Mercantilism The Intolerable Acts The House of Burgesses The Quartering Act The Sugar Act Navigation Acts Aftermath of the French &
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Unformatted text preview: Indian War Writs of Assistance Causes of The American Revolution Directions : Add the important details and effects. Add the event date(s) if appropriate Dissolved by the Gov’nor of Va 1769 The Stamp Act Summary View of the Rights of British America Expressed views of the Colonists in opposition to England and called for ending of slavery. Written by Thomas Jefferson 1774...
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