Guiding Questions Unit 3 Chp 10-12

Guiding Questions Unit 3 Chp 10-12 - APUSH Unit 3 EARLY...

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APUSH Unit 3 – EARLY NATION THROUGH ERA OF GOOD FEELINGS Chp 10-12 Organizing Principals - 1. Between 1789 and 1820, conflict over the increasing power of the nat’l gov’t created intensified, sectional tension. 2. Between 1789 and 1823, geographic isolation allowed the United States to pursue a policy of selective involvement in world affairs. Reading Questions 1. Identify the major arguments of the supporters and the opponents of the Constitution. 2. Outline the elements of Hamilton’s economic plan. Summarize the arguments for and against his plan. 3. How did foreign affairs affect the growth of political parties? Make sure you are familiar with the debates over the French Revolution and Jay’s Treaty. 4. Summarize the information on the following items: the XYZ Affair, Naturalization Act, Alien Act, Sedition Act, Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, Election of 1800. 5. Summarize the information on westward expansion. What were the various approaches that the new nation adopted with Native Americans? 6.
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