John Brown - John Brown a John Brown's Scheme i Wanted to 1...

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John Brown a. John Brown’s Scheme i. Wanted to: 1. Invade the South secretly with a handful of followers (paid for by northern abolitionists) 2. Call upon the slaves to rise up and join them in arms 3. Hoped to start a rebellion and seize a federal arsenal 4. Establish a black free state as a sanctuary ii. October 1859 – At Harper’s Ferry in Virginia (eventually WV), he and his group killed 7 innocent people and injured 10 more iii. The slaves didn’t know about Brown’s raid and failed to rise iv. Brown and his men were captured by U.S. Marines under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Robert E. Lee b. Arrest and Conviction i. Was convicted of murder and treason ii. His defense was insanity and many people attested to that fact (some of his relatives were as well) iii. His last words before he were hung were “this is a beautiful country.” This contributed to his martyrdom c. Results of John Brown’s i. The South thought he was a murderer. They questioned how they could stay in a Union when murderous gangs of abolitionists were being financed by the North? ii. Moderate northerners hated his actions, but the South felt that the majority applauded his actions iii. Abolitionists and free-soilers were infuriated with Brown’s execution. They were somewhat ignorant of his bloody actions and believed him to be an great reformer who was working for a righteous cause XII. The Disruption of the Democrats a. Democratic National Convention i. Met in Charleston, SC ii. Douglas was the leading candidate for the northern wing of the party. The South regarded him as a traitor (stance on Lecompton Constitution and Freeport Doctrine) iii. Delegates from most of the southern States walked out iv. The remainder couldn’t get together the 2/3 vote for Douglas, so the entire body dissolved b. Second Democratic National Convention i. Met in Baltimore, MD ii. Most of the southern State again walked out
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iii. This time, the North had enough votes to nominate Douglas (IL) iv. His platform: 1. For popular sovereignty 2. Against obstruction of the Fugitive Slave Law (to try to appease
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John Brown - John Brown a John Brown's Scheme i Wanted to 1...

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