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Unformatted text preview: Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark While Jefferson sought to reduce the size of the govt., he actually doubled the size of the country By 1800 1 million people lived between the Appalachian Mts. and the Mississippi River New Orleans was the major shipping port and trade and goods came through there up the Mississippi US Map in 1800 Who controlled the city of New Orleans? Up until 1801, the Spanish had controlled the city and most of the land west of the Mississippi River Spain made a treaty w/U.S. (Pinckney Treaty) to keep N.O. open to U.S. shipping A major crisis develops when Spain gives N.O. and Louisiana Territory to French The Purchase Jefferson was afraid Napoleon Bonaparte had intentions of taking control of North America...so he wanted to buy the city of New Orleans. Jefferson sent two men, James Monroe and Robert Livingston to France to buy New Orleans....they were shocked when France offered to sell the whole Louisiana territory The men accepted and purchased for 15 million Louisiana Purchase Lewis and Clark The U.S. didn't really know what it had bought with the LA Purchase, so they decided it must be explored Jefferson sent two men, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to report on the new region Goals for Expedition Report on the geography (maps), plants and animals of the region Make contact with Native Americans west of the Mississippi See if a water way existed that reached the Pacific Ocean Lewis and Clark Route Red = To voyage Blue = Return ...
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