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Questions and Themes for Unit Three

Questions and Themes for Unit Three - 11 What was the...

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Questions and Themes for Unit Three: Building a New Nation 1. How did the Federalists obtain ratification 2. Precedents that Washington set as the first president 3. Hamilton’s financial program 4. The development of political parties: What issues separated them? How did domestic and foreign policy questions influence the development of parties? Was this development inevitable? 5. What were foreign policy questions during the Washington presidency 6. What did Washington warn America about in his Farewell Address? Was he justified in his warnings? 7. How did the division between the parties deepen during Adams’ presidency? 8. How close did we come to war with France during Adams’ presidency? 9. What was the meaning of the election of 1800? What is truly a ‘revolution’ as Jefferson said? 10. How did Jefferson continue or alter Federalist policies?
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Unformatted text preview: 11. What was the impact of Jefferson’s decision to purchase the Louisiana Territory? 12. What were foreign policy questions during Jefferson’s presidency? How did he work to avoid war? Was he effective? 13. Do Jefferson and Washington deserve to be rated as great presidents? 14. What were the issues that led us to war in 1812? 15. What was the impact of the War of 1812? 16. What led to the collapse of the Federalist Party? 17. What were the foreign policy accomplishments of the Monroe administration? 18. Was it truly an Era of Good Feelings? Were there underlying tensions? 19. What divisions existed between the North and South in this time 20. How did society become more democratic in this period?...
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