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RevolutionaryWar - Revolutionary War Even after the battles...

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Unformatted text preview: Revolutionary War Even after the battles of Lexington and Concord, many colonists were still hesitant about separating from Britain. Most Loyalists lay in the Middle and Southern colonies, with only 1/3 of colonists being Patriots To win the war, the neutralists would need to join the Patriot cause Advantages and Disadvantages Colonies Advantages: Patriotism, people willing to fight for their country. Received aid from France and other European nations. (90% of all gunpowder first couple years. Great commander and military mind in George Washington Disadvantages: Always short of soldiers, poorly trained, short weapons and food for soldiers and no money to pay for it Advantages & Disadvantages British Advantages: Large army (50,000 soldiers plus 30,000 mercenaries) Well trained in European battle tactics Well supplied, fed and lots of weapons Disadvantages: Massive distance between Britain and America led to long waits for news and distribution of supplies British people didn't want to pay taxes for war, not supportive Poor leadership in General George Germain Poor Start In Revolution Early Defeats In June of 1775, colonists lost the Battle of Bunker Hill (just outside of Boston); outnumbered colonists gave way to the British, but not before killing 1,000 "redcoats". 500 colonists died. Made British realized this war would not be an easy task. August of 1776, colonists surrendered New York City and had to retreat back to Pennsylvania. The rest of the war would take place in the Middle & Southern colonies. Boost to Patriots On Christmas of 1776, Washington went on the attack. Under the cover of night, his troops crossed the Delaware River to New Jersey and marched towards Trenton. The next morning the Americans surprised and captured a group of German mercenaries. Weeks later the army won again at Princeton in New Jersey. These victories gave the Patriots a much needed morale boost and encouraged them for the rest of the war. ...
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