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RiseofPoliticalParties - Rise of Political Parties The...

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Unformatted text preview: Rise of Political Parties The framers of the Constitution did not expect political parties to develop. Felt leaders should rise above personal interests. By the early 1790s two parties were beginning to form: The Republicans led by Thomas Jefferson and the Federalists who were led by Alexander Hamilton. Republicans Beliefs Believed the people should have political power and favored strong state governments Emphasized the importance of agriculture Were proFrench and strict interpretation of the Constitution Opposed the national bank and protective tariffs Federalists Beliefs Felt wealthy and educated should be leaders; favored a strong central government Emphasized industry, manufacturing and trade ProBritish and loose interpretation of Constitution Favored national bank and protective tariff Who supported Who?? Republican party was supported by both southern and northern farmers Federalists were supported by mostly merchants and regular workers whose jobs depended on manufacturing Washington was a Federalist who supported most of Hamilton's ideas. ...
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