Secession - Secession a Lincoln's Inauguration i Lincoln...

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Secession a. Lincoln’s Inauguration i. Lincoln traveled to DC at night partially disguised to avoid assassins ii. Done in secrecy at night iii. He wanted no conflict in his inaugural address because the North and South were connected together b. The Possibilities i. Uncontested Secession – 1. What share of the national debt should the South take with it? 2. What portion of the territories should the Confederacy have? 3. How would the fugitive-slave issue be resolved? 4. How would the Underground Railroad be handled? ii. Delight of European Nations – 1. Would balance the power (an ancient concept) 2. They would be safer against America 3. Could more easily defy the Monroe Doctrine II. South Carolina Assails Fort Sumter a. Federal Property In the South i. The Seceding States seized the U.S.’s arsenals, mints, and other public property within their borders ii. When Lincoln took office, only two federal forts remained in the South b. Fort Sumter i. One of those forts, in Charleston harbor (one of the most important southern ports), had provisions that would last only a few weeks – until April 1861 ii. Lincoln didn’t want to have to surrender the fort, but he didn’t want to send reinforcements for fear SC would fight back iii. Lincoln decided to send an expedition to provision the garrison, not to reinforce it iv. Lincoln notified SC of his intent, but they took it
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Secession - Secession a Lincoln's Inauguration i Lincoln...

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