Significance of 1763 worksheet

Significance of 1763 worksheet - answer 3 From your...

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APUSH Name_________________________ Date______________ Bell________ The Significance of 1763 as a Turning Point From your readings and class notes answer the following questions: 1. “The Americans have made a discover, or think they have made a discovery, that we mean to oppress them; we have a made a discovery, or think we have made a discovery, that they intend to rise up in rebellion against us. We know not how to advance; they know not how to retreat.” Edmund Burke a. What kind of “advance” or adjustment might the British have made to halt the escalation of the colonial rebellion? b. What kind of retreat would the colonists have had to make to be acceptable to Britain? 2. Was the dominant concern of the colonists economic or political? Explain your
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Unformatted text preview: answer. 3. From your readings and your charts, what role do you believe each of the following played in producing wide-based support for independence in the colonies? a. Inept British officials, such as Charles Townshend or George Grenville b. dedicated radicals, such as Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry c. responsible moderates, such as John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson 4. How did each of the following affect relations between the mother country and the colonists? a. Timing of new regulations b. distance and lack of an easy means of communication c. Repeals of the Stamp Act and most Townshend duties 5. Now, try to write your own one or two sentence thesis on the causes of the American Revolution...
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Significance of 1763 worksheet - answer 3 From your...

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