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The Accession of John Tyler

The Accession of John Tyler - The Accession of John Tyler a...

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The Accession of John Tyler a. Harrison’s Death i. Harrison made the longest inaugural speech in history while in bad weather ii. He contracted pneumonia and died after only 4 weeks in office. It was the shortest administration in American history b. John Tyler i. Tyler, who was the vice-president, was now president ii. 6’ tall iii. Slim iv. He had left the Jacksonian Democrats for the Whigs because he couldn’t take the dictatorial tactics of Jackson. However, the minority wing of the Whigs that he embraced had a few Jefferson States’ righters v. Tyler had run with Harrison to attract voters from this group vi. Tyler was against the unwritten platform of the Whigs: 1. Pro-bank 2. Pro-protective tariff 3. Pro-internal improvements II. John Tyler: A President Without a Party a. Financial Reform i. Henry Clay drove through the Whig-dominated Congress a bill that would create a new Bank of the United States ii. Tyler vetoed the bill on practical and constitutional grounds iii. Another bill was passed to try to satisfy Tyler’s objections (it provided for a “Fiscal Corporation”) iv. Tyler vetoed the bill b. Whig Reaction i. Called “His Accidency” and “Executive Ass” ii. Burned in effigy iii. He received numerous letters threatening him with death iv. Formally expelled from his party by a caucus of Whig congressmen v. All of his cabinet resigned except Secretary of State Daniel Webster, who was in delicate negotiations with England vi. There was a serious attempt to impeach him in the House c. Tariff Bill
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i. Tyler wanted more federal revenue, but didn’t like that this bill would distribute the money among the States from the sale of public lands in the West ii. He vetoed the bill iii. The Whigs redrafted the bill, taking out the distribution scheme iv. Tyler signed the law, created the Tariff of 1842 v. Later, pressure to create a higher tariff would decrease as Americans got out of the depression III. A War of Words With Britain a. Anti-British Feelings i. Caused by: 1. The two wars 2. British travelers wrote of how America was full of tobacco spitting, slave auctioneering, lynching, and other bad features of
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