The Election of 1876

The Election of 1876 - The Election of 1876: The...

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The Election of 1876: The Hayes-Tilden Standoff a. Grant and a Third Term i. Thought about running again ii. However, the House voted overwhelmingly to remind Grant of the dictator implications of running for a third term and of Washington’s two-term tradition. They also thought he was inept b. Republican Party Nomination i. Nominated Rutherford B. Hayes ii. Served three terms as governor in the important swing State of Ohio c. Democratic Party Nomination i. Nominated Samuel J. Tilden ii. Fame was from exposing Boss Tweed in New York d. Election of 1877 i. Tilden won 184 out of the 185 electoral votes needed ii. He also won 250,000 more popular votes than Hayes iii. Louisiana, South Carolina, and Florida VIII. The Compromise of 1877 and the End of Reconstruction a. Electoral Count Act i. May not be president by inauguration day ii. Deadlock was to be broken by the Electoral Count Act iii. It set up an electoral commission consisting of 15 men selected from the Senate, House, and Supreme Court iv. They voted on partisan lines 8 Republicans to 7 Democrats, that Hayes should be president b. Democratic Reaction i. Were very upset. However, the Republicans conceded: 1. Removing the remaining federal troops in the South 2. Abandoned its commitment to racial equality 3. Assured the Democrats patronage (not kept) 4. Assured support for a bill subsidizing the Texas and Pacific Railroad’s construction of a southern transcontinental line (not kept) ii. The deal held together long enough to break the electoral standoff. The president was sworn in only 3 days after being
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The Election of 1876 - The Election of 1876: The...

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