The Era of Good Feelings

The Era of Good Feelings - The Era of Good Feelings a James...

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The Era of Good Feelings a. James Monroe Wins the Presidency i. Was a Republican ii. From VA iii. 6’ tall iv. Was a combination of the age of the Founding Fathers and the new age of nationalism v. The Federalists ran a candidate for the last time, he lost 183-34 b. Monroe’s Goodwill Tour i. Nationalism was further cemented by this goodwill tour Monroe took to inspect military defenses ii. A Boston paper was so thrilled that they announced that an “Era of Good Feelings” had been ushered in. This phrase has been commonly used since then to describe the administrations of Monroe c. Era of Good Feelings A Misnomer (a wrong name) i. Although peaceful, being contested were: 1. Issues about the tariff 2. The bank 3. Internal improvements 4. Sale of public lands 5. Sectionalism 6. Conflict over slavery was beginning IX. The Panic of 1819 and the Curse of Hard Times a. Economic Panic i. Many factors contributed to the catastrophe of 1819, but the biggest was overspeculation in frontier lands. The Bank of the United States became deeply entrenched in this ii. Financial paralysis from the panic, which lasted for several years, was a setback to nationalism b. i. The West was especially hard hit. The Back of the U.S. forced the speculative western banks to foreclose mortgages on countless farms. In the eyes of the western debtor, the nationalist Bank of the U.S. soon became hated ii. The poorer classes were severely strapped and many were imprisoned. Mounting agitation against imprisonment for debt started legislation efforts in many States X. Growing Pains of the West a. Expansion of the West i. Nine frontier State had joined the original 13 between 1791 and 1819
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ii. To preserve the North-South sectional balance, most of these had been admitted alternately, free or slave b. Why the Expansion? i.
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The Era of Good Feelings - The Era of Good Feelings a James...

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