The Hated Embargo

The Hated Embargo - The Hated Embargo a Avoiding War i It...

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The Hated Embargo a. Avoiding War i. It was weak, thanks largely to Jefferson being against expanding the army and navy ii. The warring nations in Europe depended heavily on foodstuffs and raw materials from the U.S. If the U.S. cut off their exports, the offending powers would be forced to agree to their demands b. Embargo Act of 1807 i. Congress passed this law to forbid the export of all goods from the U.S., whether in American or foreign ships. This embodied Jefferson’s idea of “peaceful coercion” ii. If it worked, the embargo would vindicate the rights of neutral nations and point to a new way of conducting foreign affairs iii. If it failed, Jefferson feared America would perish, subjugated to the European powers or sucked into their war c. i. Commerce came to a near halt, leaving many unemployed ii. It affected the commerce of New England, as well as the rest of the country, as farmers weren’t able to shop cotton, grain, and tobacco iii. An illegal trade mushroomed in 1808, especially along the Canadian border where it was hard to control --- they reversed the letter of embargo to say “O Grab Me” iv. Many criticized Jefferson as being more tyrannical than King George III v. It revived the Federalist party, which received 46 electoral votes out of 175 in the next election (rather than the 14 in the previous one) vi. New England talked of succession d. The Embargo Is Repealed i. Congress repealed the embargo in March 1809 (just before Jefferson would leave office)
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The Hated Embargo - The Hated Embargo a Avoiding War i It...

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