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The Louisiana Godsend

The Louisiana Godsend - The Louisiana Godsend a Napoleon...

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The Louisiana Godsend a. Napoleon Bonaparte i. Induced the king of Spain to cede to France the region of Louisiana ii. Rumors were confirmed when the Spaniards at New Orleans withdrew the right of deposit that guaranteed America warehouse privileges (to await outgoing vessels) iii. Americans were angered and wanted to take New Orleans forcefully b. The American Envoy In France i. Jefferson became concerned that if ever America wanted New Orleans, it would have to fight France. If the U.S. wanted to fight France, they would have to have allies ii. As a result, Jefferson sent James Monroe to (join Robert Livingston in) Paris in 1803. He was to buy New Orleans and as much land to its east (FL) as they could get for a maximum of $10 million iii. If the purchase failed, then they were to work on an alliance with Britain c. Louisiana Purchase i. Napoleon suddenly decided to sell all of Louisiana and abandon his dream of a New World empire. There were three reasons for this: 1. He had failed in his efforts to reconquer the sugar-rich island of Santo Domingo, for which Louisiana was to serve as a source of foodstuffs. The island’s ex-slaves were revolting against the French and mosquito’s carrying yellow fever were killing too many French troops 2. Napoleon was about to fight Britain for control of the seas. If he lost, he might have to make a gift to Britain. He would rather make a profit by selling the Louisiana area for money for his wars at home 3. Napoleon hoped that by giving the U.S. Louisiana, they might one day be a military and naval power that would be against Britain ii. Out of the blue, the French foreign minister asked him how much Livingston would give for all Louisiana. They eventually made a treaty signed on April 30, 1803, ceding Louisiana to the U.S. for
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