The South in the Age of Industry

The South in the Age of Industry - The South in the Age of...

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The South in the Age of Industry a. South and Agriculture/Manufacturing After the Civil War i. Was either sharecropping ii. Tenant farmers b. Cigarettes i. Southern agriculture received a boost in the 1880s when a machine-made cigarette producer replaced the make-your-own ii. James Buchanan Duke absorbed his main competitors into the American Tobacco Company iii. He eventually contributed heavily to Trinity College, near his birthplace in Durham, NC. They changed the name of the college in honor of him – Duke University c. Southern Industrialization i. Remained rural ii. Obstacles: 1. Rate-setting system – railroads gave preferential rates to manufactured goods moving southward from the North, but in the opposite direction they discriminated in favor of southern raw materials 2. Pittsburgh plus pricing system – rich deposits of coal and iron ore in Birmingham, AL was charged a fee by railroad companies as if it had been shipped from Pittsburgh d. Cotton Textiles i. Textiles thrived in the South ii. Became more industrialized through them, but hired cheap labor because this was attractive to potential investors. The intense struggle to find cheap labor caused them to be paid at half the rate of their northern counterparts and often received their compensation in the form of credit at a company store, to which they were always in debt iii. Blacks were excluded from all but the most menial jobs. Women and children could stay together by working in the mills iv. Many southerners, despite the poor conditions and pay, saw employment in the mills as a steady job and the only wages they had ever known XVI. The Impact of the New Industrial Revolution on America a. What Was the Impact of Industrialization? i.
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The South in the Age of Industry - The South in the Age of...

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