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The South Lashes Back

The South Lashes Back - The South Lashes Back a Southern...

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The South Lashes Back a. Southern Abolitionist Movement i. 1820s – More antislavery societies in the South than the North ii. 1831-1832 – VA legislature defeated various emancipation proposals 1. After this, the slave States began tightening their slave codes and moved to prohibit emancipation of any kind iii. 1830s – Nat Turner’s conspiracy and Garrison’s newspaper (which Southerners thought would create violence) created a hysteria b. Nullification Crisis of 1832 i. Further planted fears of revolts from blacks ii. Jailings, whippings, and lynchings were often done to prevent the discussion of the slavery problem c. Black Slaves vs. Women/Children Wage Earners of the North i. Women and children worked in poor conditions in the North. Southerners were quick to come them to slaves ii. Women and children – 1. Worked in dark and stuffy factories 2. Older workers were discarded iii. Blacks – 1. Worked in fresh air 2. Old and sick were cared for d. Results of Slaves vs. Wage Earners Debate i.
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  • Spring '11
  • Reed
  • Slavery in the United States, American Civil War, Abolitionism, North i, Southern Abolitionist Movement, Slaves vs

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