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Twilight of the Senatorial Giants

Twilight of the Senatorial Giants - Twilight of the...

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Twilight of the Senatorial Giants a. Southerners Meet About Succession i. Because of the situation at hand, in 1849 southerners announced their intention to convene the following year in Nashville, TN to consider withdrawing from the Union ii. The failure of Congress to act could easily mean the failure of the U.S. as a country b. Henry Clay and Stephen A. Douglas i. Clay (KT) was 73 and not in good health ii. He again tried to compromise as he had in the Missouri and nullification crisis iii. He proposed and defended a series of compromises. He wanted: 1. Both the North and South to make concessions 2. The North yield by enacting a better fugitive-slave law iv. He was aided by 37 year old Stephen Douglas (IL) 1. He broke the legislation offered by Clay down into various pieces, which helped assure that each of its parts would pass c. John C. Calhoun i. Was 68 and dying from tuberculosis ii. He predicted in a speech that if some compromise would not be met on slavery, that it would end in disunion iii. Calhoun liked the idea of concession, but didn’t think they provided enough safeguards for southern rights. He wanted: 1. Slavery to be left alone 2. Return of runaway slaves 3. Give South rights as a minority 4. Restore the political balance iv. Plan called for the election of a Northern and Southern president, each with veto power v. He died in 1850; Clay and Webster died in 1852 d. Daniel Webster i. Was 68 and not in good health ii. Urged reasonable concessions iii. He believed that a plantation economy (and slave
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