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Unit 2 Reading Questions

Unit 2 Reading Questions - Name Date Bell Unit 2 Revolution...

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Name______________________________ Date_______ Bell____ Unit 2 Revolution, Treaty of Paris 1763 through the Constitution Organizing Principals: Between 1763 and 1776, British attempts to exert control over the colonies led to violent, organized, successful resistance. The Articles of Confederation provided a reasonable and workable transition from the unitary system of British rule to the federal system established under the Constitution Reading Questions 1. Summarize the legacy of the French and Indian War. Give examples of how English policy changed. 2. Why did the Sugar Act and the vice-admiralty courts so anger the colonists? What was the argument over “virtual representation?” 3. What actions did the colonists take against the Stamp Act? What were the differing motivations of those in the resistance movement? 4. Summarize the intellectual rationale used to argue for and against the Stamp Act. 5. What were the arguments used in Parliament to argue for repeal of the Act?
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  • American Revolution, United States Declaration of Independence, Stamp Act 1765, Name______________________________ Date_______ Bell____, Constitution Organizing Principals

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