Women in Revolt

Women in Revolt - Women in Revolt a. Rights and Duties of...

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Women in Revolt a. Rights and Duties of Women i. Supposed to work in the home and subordinate herself to her husband ii. She couldn’t vote (like black slaves) iii. Could be legally beaten by her husband iv. She couldn’t retain title to her property when she married (it went to her husband) v. However, rape and other crimes against women were punished harsher in America than in Europe (rape was punishable by death, while in France it was a light punishment) b. Ideas About Women In the 19 th Century i. The growing market economy was thrusting men and women into sharply different economic roles ii. Women were thought to be physically and emotionally weak, but artistic and refined iii. They were to keep society’s conscience, with special responsibility to teach the young how to be good and productive citizens of the Republic. Men were considered strong, but crude, always in danger of slipping into some savage or beastly way of life if not guided by the gentle hands of their wives. The home was a woman’s special sphere – “cult of domesticity” c. Female Reform Movement Gains Momentum i. Increasingly some women believed that the home was really a cage ii. They began demanding rights for women iii. Fought for temperance and the abolition of slavery d. Who Led the Women Rights Movement? i. Lucretia Mott – 1. Quaker who began campaigning for women’s rights when they were not allowed to a London antislavery convention ii. Elizabeth Cady Stanton – 1. Advocated suffrage for women and was one of the leaders at the Seneca Falls Convention 2. Wrote a newspaper with Anthony which focused on injustices suffered by women 3. Created the National Women Suffrage Association – Fought for women’s equality in courts, workplaces, and polls (also worked for
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Women in Revolt - Women in Revolt a. Rights and Duties of...

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