XV - XV. Adams Puts Patriotism Above Party a. France Wises...

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XV. Adams Puts Patriotism Above Party a. France Wises Up i. The British, who were lending the Americans cannon and other war supplies, were actually driven closer to them than they had been for many years ii. France realized that they didn’t want war with both Britain and America iii. Talleyrand let it be known that he would receive a new minister if one was sent to France iv. Adams, who could’ve let a war happen and if he won it and got Louisiana and Florida, he would certainly win the next election. However, he didn’t want war and sent another three ministers to France b. Napoleon’s Aims in America i. Had recently seized dictatorial power in France ii. Wanted to: 1. Free himself of any arguments with America 2. Continue his fighting in Europe 3. Create a New World empire in Louisiana c. Convention of 1800 i. France agreed to annul the 22-year old treaty with America ii. U.S. agree to pay the damage claims of American shippers d. Result of the Convention of 1800 i. Adams preserved peace (if he hadn’t the U.S. may not have gotten the LA purchase) ii. It smoothed a path to the Louisiana purchase in 1803 XVI. The Federalist Witch Hunt a. Stifling Democratic-Republicans and the Alien Law (1798) i. The Federalists capitalized on the anti-French frenzy to drive through Congress in 1798 laws designed to stifle or minimize their Jeffersonian foes ii. How the parties felt about immigrants: 1. Federalist party (aristocratic) - Most European immigrants, lacking wealth, were scorned 2. Jeffersonians (less prosperous and more democratic) - Were welcomed as voters iii. The Federalist Congress, hoping to discourage the “dregs” of Europe, raised the residence requirements for aliens who desired to become citizens from 5 years to 14 years b. Other Alien Laws
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i. The president was empowered to deport dangerous foreigners in times of peace and to deport or imprison them in times of hostilities ii. Even though war with France seemed eminent,
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XV - XV. Adams Puts Patriotism Above Party a. France Wises...

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