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Europe - -converted and his people followed Battle of...

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Europe: Early and High Middle Ages Early: c.500-1000 CE- period when Europe was still unstable High: c.1000-1300 CE- period with crusaders and strong pope Late: c.1300-1500 CE- when Europe went through the black plague Roman Empire split into Eastern and Western Roman Empire Eastern Roman Empire -lasted longer than the Western Roman Empire -also called the Byzantine Empire -had political stability -wealthier than western Europe -centered around the city of Constantinople -biggest city in Europe at the time Byzantine Empire established Caesaropapism, system where the Byzantine emperor is head of the state and head of the church -successor state Eastern Orthodox Church -influence on eastern empire Early Middle Age Formation of Christian Europe After the fall of the Roman Empire, Europe was replaced with many empires ~Franks: contributes through the formation of Christian Europe Many were paegans Frankish-Papal Alliance -Clovis (500) -adapted Catholicism which gave them a political advantage
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Unformatted text preview: -converted and his people followed Battle of Tours (732)-Frank people had a lot to do with it -in c.622, there was an emerging community in Islam that spread to Mecca-Battle b/w the Frank people and the Islamic people Charles Martel-leader of the Franks -managed to defeat the Islamic force-important of securing Christian Europe -Europe was able to secure Christianity and stop the spread of Islam Donation of Pepin (756)-Pepin was asked to fight for the pope b/c the pope felt insecure -decided to give some land to the pope -the pope needed a lot of support Charlemagne -decided to conquer Europe to spread Catholicism-people were forced to convert to Catholicism -crowned as Holy Roman Emperor (800) by the pope who said that Western Europe is back: called the Holy Roman Empire Eastern Orthodox Roman Empire Wester n Roman Empire Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) Germanic Kingdoms Frankish Empire Germ any Franc e Catholic...
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