GEOG Chap 3 notes

GEOG Chap 3 notes - CHAPTER 3: The Russian Federation,...

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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 3: The Russian Federation, Central Asia, and the Transcaucasus 1) Introduction-Vast territory (6200 miles east to west; spans 12 times zones)-Sparsely populated-Environmental disasters-Union of Soviet Sot Republics (U.S.S.R.)-Ethnically diverse region 2) Landforms I. Location-Continental-Northern II. Physiographic Regions A. Russian Plain B. Urals C. West Siberian Plain D. Central Siberian Plateau E. Desert Plateaus F. Mountain Rim III. Landscapes A. Tundra: arctic wilderness with frozen (or partly frozen--in the summer) subsoil in which only grasses, moss, and lichens can grow B. Taiga: northern environmental zone characterized by coniferous forest C. Steppe: semiarid, treeless grasslandIV. Tectonic Activity-Mountain Rim -Kamchatka 3) Climate I. Continentality II. Aridity 4) Environmental History Soviet-era policies favored industrial outputs over concerns for the environment. As a result, resource management and pollution control were not seen as important. Today, corruption and chronic economic problems keep environmental concerns out of reach. plain Examples: I. Deforestation II. Industrial and agricultural pollution III. Monoculture and canal irrigation - Led to: salinization: salt deposits caused when water evaporates from the surface of the land and leaves behind salts it has drawn up from the subsoil Aral Sea drying up; but now there is a new hope IV. Nuclear contamination Chernobyl- Caution: some of the images are a little rough 5) Region in the World-System I. Silk Road in Central Asia ( - 1400's)-Network connecting Europe to China-Trade-Spread of knowledge, ideas, religion, culture, and diseases from one place to the next-Cities along the route were seats of knowledge and culture of that time II. Muscovy and the Russian Empire (1400's - 1917)-Moscow started out as a small principality as a part of the Mongol-Tatar Empire-In 1552, Ivan the Terrible defeated the Tatars at the Battle of Kazan (beginning of the Tsardom...
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GEOG Chap 3 notes - CHAPTER 3: The Russian Federation,...

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